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NSIRC is committed to high-quality research and teaching combined with industrial experience and student support in a state-of-the-art facility dedicated to structural integrity. The NSIRC ethos allows students to learn independently through involvement in active projects and encourages students to be part of the Structural Integrity community. NSIRC can provide students with research opportunities on collaborative Pan-European R&D projects as well as projects undertaken on behalf of large industrial clients globally.

As a student, you should expect to be an active contributor in seminars, tutorials and virtual learning environments. You will have both an academic supervisor and a TWI industrial supervisor, each serving as a mentor who will support you and offer guidance concerning any problems which may arise during your research.

What makes NSIRC unique?

NSIRC is an industrially driven fundamental research centre for post-graduate education housed in a state-of-the-art facility dedicated to Structural Integrity.

Key features:

  • Collaboration between industrial and academic research
  • Working on fundamental research (TRL 1-3), defined by the needs and strategic direction of industry (TRL 4-6)
  • Delivering graduates with academic professional and vocational qualifications
  • The technical scope will integrate the range of structural integrity disciplines
  • Innovation will be driven by potential exploitation and application of the knowledge to solve medium and long-term industry challenges
  • Strategy will be based on industrial, national and global needs.

Degree programmes

NSIRC degree programmes are aimed at:

  • New graduates who wish to continue their studies

  • Those working in the field of structural integrity especially in the oil and gas, power generation, petrochemical, construction, nuclear and transportation sectors

  • Those wishing to retrain for new career opportunities

The overall objective is to produce high-quality engineers with an in-depth knowledge of the science and technology of structural integrity and inspection, including techniques such as: numerical modelling, advanced methods, such as phased array ultrasonic inspection, fracture mechanics, RBI, quality assurance, reliability engineering and risk management.

MSc in Engineering Leadership and Management 

MSc in Oil and Gas Engineering

PhD in Structural Integrity

MSc in Structural Integrity (Asset reliability Management)

Membership of The Welding Institute

'Aspirations towards rewarding careers in the welding and joining industry'

NSIRC students  have the opportunity to register with The Welding Institute.

Membership of The Welding Institute provides a clear demonstration of your commitment to excellence by affiliating yourself with the leading international membership body for welding and joining personnel. Becoming a member of The Welding Institute gives you industrial recognition by your peers, personal and professional prestige and makes your eligible for registration with the Engineering Council.

For more information, please contact us.