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NSIRC 2018 Annual Conference

NSIRC 2018 Annual Conference


In June 2017, NSIRC hosted the third annual conference, providing a forum for students to present and disseminate their research via their fellow PhD colleagues, academics and relevant partners from industry.

The conference accommodated over one hundred and fifty delegates who visited from all over the UK.

 For the 2018 Annual Conference, over 50 students will be presenting their PhD research, with topics varying from advanced materials / coatings, novel joining methods, innovative monitoring technologies, data analytics, robotics, advancing non-destructive testing (NDT) methods and many more.

NSIRC is also delighted to welcome keynote presentations from the following influential figures from industry and academia:

  • Graham Hopkins - Group Safety, Technical & Engineering Director at Network Rail

  • Michael Fitzpatrick - Pro-Vice-Chancellor at Coventry University, Non-Executive Director at Diamond Light Source

  • Robert Quarshie - Head of Materials & Nanotechnology at the Knowledge Transfer Network

The conference is held over two days, 3rd and 4th July 2018, at the Granta Centre, TWI Ltd, Cambridge.

NSIRC is a postgraduate research centre for structural integrity, established and managed by TWI Ltd (based in Cambridge, UK), where we offer a unique university-awarded degree in collaboration with Industry ( TWI, Lloyds Register Foundation, BP).

The research conducted by our students and determined by the real-world needs of industry, has received international attention and recognition, with students presenting at industrial conferences across Europe, Asia, Oceania and North America.

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NSIRC 2018 Annual Conference