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NSIRC's visit to Manchester Jobs Fair proves a hit with postgraduates and industry professionals

NSIRC’s visit to Manchester Jobs Fair proves a hit with postgraduates and industry professionals

A team from the National Structural Integrity Research Centre (NSIRC) attended the Manchester Jobs Fair for the first time on Friday 14 July 2017, with the event providing an excellent opportunity for the team to meet potential PhD and MSc students.

‘I always value being able to meet potential graduates face-to-face,’ explained Chel Thirunavukkarasu NSIRC’s Project Operations Officer.

‘Our courses are beneficial to engineers from an industry background, as well as those who have just finished their undergraduate degree, and at Jobs Fairs we can meet a mix of both.’

NSIRC’s degree programs are aimed at a variety of people including new graduates who wish to continue their studies, those working in the field of engineering and structural integrity (especially in the oil and gas, power generation, petrochemical, construction, nuclear and transportation sectors), and those wishing to retrain for new career opportunities.

NSIRC’s overall objective is to produce high-quality engineers with an in-depth knowledge of the science and technology of structural integrity and inspection, including techniques such as numerical modelling, advanced methods, such as phased array ultrasonic inspection, fracture mechanics, RBI, quality assurance, reliability engineering and risk management.

The NSIRC team will be at The Guildhall in Cambridge on Wednesday 16 August to discuss opportunities with potential students.

 For more information on student opportunities with NSIRC, please visit our degrees page, or email enquiries@nsirc.co.uk.

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NSIRC representative's Ameni Lounissi (pictured) Chel Thirunavukkarasu attended the fair in Manchester