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Development of an Electron Gun Design Optimisation Methodology
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Development of an Electron Gun Design Optimisation Methodology

Colin Ribton
Brunel University London
Project Title:
Development of an Electron Gun Design Optimisation Methodology 
The design of high quality electron generators is important for a variety of applications including materials processing systems (including welding, cutting and additive manufacture), X-ray tubes for medical, scientific and industrial applications, microscopy, and lithography for integrated circuit manufacture. This research investigates means for implementation of heuristic algorithms to enable the automatic optimisation of the design of electron guns. Electron gun designs typically are analysed by software using a space charge solver that calculates electron trajectories from the cathode through the anode into nominally field-free space. The beam quality can be derived from combined trajectory positions and velocities The many variants of electron gun required, and the increasing demands for highly optimised beam qualities, demands more systematic optimisation methods than offered by trial and error design approaches. The gun design usually is required to meet specified beam requirements for the applications of interest, so within this work beam characteristics from the calculated electron trajectories, for example brightness, intensity at focus and beam angle, were derived and used as a measure of the design fitness-for-purpose. By encoding the electron gun geometry into a genome containing a set of genetic codes, evolutionary algorithms were applied to a population of designs. Evolutionary parameters such as mutation rate, population size and the proportion of the population selected as the gene pool for the next generation were assessed against the efficiency and efficacy of the optimisation process. This novel approach offers great potential for producing the next generation of electron guns.



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